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iter8 version

iter8 version

Print Iter8 version information


Show the version for Iter8.

iter8 version [flags]


    iter8 version

    # The output will look like this:

    # version.BuildInfo{Version:"v0.8.32", GitCommit:"fe51cd1e31e6a202cba7aliv9552a6d418ded79a", GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.17.6"}

    # - Version is the semantic version of the release.
    # - GitCommit is the SHA for the commit that this version was built from.
    # - GitTreeState is "clean" if there are no local code changes when this binary was
    #   built, and "dirty" if the binary was built from locally modified code.
    # - GoVersion is the version of Go that was used to compile Iter8.


  -h, --help    help for version
      --short   print the version number


  • iter8 - Kubernetes Release Optimizer
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