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iter8 hub

iter8 hub

Download an experiment chart from Iter8 hub


Download an experiment chart from the Iter8 hub. This is useful for fetching experiments to inspect, modify, run, or repackage. By default, this command looks for the specified experiment chart in the public Iter8 hub. It is also possible to use third party hubs by setting the ITER8HUB environment variable.

Environment variables:

Name Description
$ITER8HUB Iter8 hub location. Default value:

The Iter8 hub location follows the following syntax:


For example, the public Iter8 hub is located at:

iter8 hub [flags]


# download the load-test-http experiment chart from the public Iter8 hub
iter8 hub -e load-test-http

# custom Iter8 hubs are simply github repos that host Iter8 experiment charts
# Suppose you forked under the GitHub account $GHUSER,
# created a branch called 'ml', and pushed a new experiment chart 
# called 'tensorflow' under the path 'my/path/to/hub'. 
# It can now be downloaded as follows.

iter8 hub -e tensorflow


  -e, --experiment string   valid experiment chart located under hub
  -h, --help                help for hub


  • iter8 - Kubernetes Release Optimizer
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