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Platform Setup for KFServing

1. Create Kubernetes cluster

Create a local cluster using Kind, Minikube, or CodeReady Containers as follows, or use a managed Kubernetes cluster. Ensure that the cluster has sufficient resources, for example, 8 CPUs and 12GB of memory.

kind create cluster --wait 5m
kubectl cluster-info --context kind-kind
Ensuring your Kind cluster has sufficient resources

Your Kind cluster inherits the CPU and memory resources of its host. If you are using Docker Desktop, you can set its resources as shown below.


minikube start --cpus 8 --memory 12288
crc start --cpus 8 --memory 12288

2. Clone Iter8 repo

git clone
cd iter8
export ITER8=$(pwd)

3. Install KFServing, Iter8 and Telemetry

Setup KFServing, Iter8, a mock New Relic service, and Prometheus add-on within your cluster.

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