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  1. Design simplifications (v0.8)
    • CRD and controller-less experimentation using Kubernetes configmaps and jobs
    • Iter8Hub: Helm repo with reusable namespace-scoped experiment charts
    • Multi-tenancy
  2. GitOps
    • Integration with ArgoCD, Flux, JenkinsX and other GitOps operators
  3. Enhanced experiments
    • Support for progressive rollout of statefulsets
    • Support for distributed Helm applications
    • Enhanced examples for mirroring/shadow deployments
    • Enhanced examples for experiments with fixed traffic splits
    • Enhanced examples for experiments with progressive traffic shifting
  4. Metrics
    • Enhanced examples with built-in metrics, including for apps using gRPC
    • Support for more metric providers like MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, and Google Analytics.
  5. CNCF Sandbox project
  6. Enhanced MLOps experiments
    • Customized experiments/metrics for serving frameworks like TorchServe and TFServing
  7. Analytics improvements
    • Pareto testing strategies with single and multiple reward metrics
    • Early termination of experiments
    • Extension points for traffic shifting and version assessment algorithms
    • Experiments with support and confidence estimation
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