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Tasks are an extension mechanism for enhancing the behavior of Iter8 experiments and can be specified within the spec.strategy.actions field of the experiment. The following tasks are available for use in Iter8 experiments.

  • run: Execute a bash script.
  • common/readiness: Check if K8s resources needed for an experiment are available and/or ready.
  • metrics/collect: Generate GET/POST requests for the application versions, with a payload (optional), and collect latency and error metrics. This task supports Iter8's built-in metrics feature.
  • notification/http: Send a HTTP request to a specified target.
  • notification/slack: Send a slack notification with a summary of the experiment.


Tasks specified within start, finish, or loop actions with be executed by Iter8 at the start of an experiment, end of an experiment, or periodically during each loop of the experiment respectively. See spec.strategy.actions for details about experiment actions.

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