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Setup for Tutorials

Setup common components that are required in Iter8 tutorials.

Local Kubernetes cluster

Use a managed K8s cluster or a local K8s cluster for running Iter8 tutorials. You can setup the latter using Kind, Minikube, or CodeReady Containers as follows.

kind create cluster --wait 5m
kubectl cluster-info --context kind-kind
minikube start
crc start
Setting CPU and memory resources for your local K8s cluster

Iter8 tutorials in certain K8s environments, especially those involving Istio, require additional CPU and memory resources. You can set this as follows.

A Kind cluster inherits its CPU and memory resources of its host. If you are using Docker Desktop, you can set its resources as follows.


Set CPU and memory resources while starting Minikube as follows.

minikube start --cpus 8 --memory 12288

Set CPU and memory resources while starting CodeReady Containers as follows.

crc start --cpus 8 --memory 12288

You can also change the CPU and memory resources in settings.


Iter8 GitHub repo

Clone the Iter8 GitHub repo and set the ITER8 environment variable as follows:

git clone
export ITER8=./iter8

Iter8 Helm repo

Iter8 Helm repo contains charts that support Iter8's Helm-based tutorials. Get the repo as follows:

helm repo add iter8 --force-update
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