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Contribute Tutorials


Iter8 documentation uses Mkdocs. The section on linking to pages and images is especially useful for Iter8 tutorial authors.

Test your tutorial

All Iter8 tutorials include e2e tests, either as part of GitHub Actions workflows or as a standalone test script like this one if they require more resources than what is available in GitHub Actions workflows. When contributing a tutorial, please include relevant e2e tests.

Locally serve Iter8 docs

Pre-requisite: Python 3+.

Use a Python 3 virtual environment to locally serve Iter8 docs. Run the following commands from the top-level directory of the Iter8 repo.

cd mkdocs
python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve -s

Browse http://localhost:8000 to view your local Iter8 docs.

Locally view live changes to Iter8 docs

  1. The overall structure of the documentation, as reflected in the nav tabs of, is located in the iter8/mkdocs/mkdocs.yml file.

  2. The markdown files for Iter8 docs are located under the iter8/mkdocs/docs folder.

You will see live updates to http://localhost:8000 as you update the above files.

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