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What is Iter8?

Iter8 is a metrics-driven experimentation and release engineering platform. Iter8 enables DevOps/MLOps/SRE teams to maximize release velocity and business value of apps while protecting end-user experience.

What is an Iter8 experiment?

Iter8 defines a Kubernetes resource called Experiment that facilitates release engineering tasks such as SLO validation, A/B(/n) testing with business metrics, chaos testing, dark launch, canaries, progressive rollouts with advanced traffic engineering, and their hybrids.

Process automated by an Iter8 experiment

Iter8 and Helm

While Helm is not a requirement for using Iter8, many Iter8 experiments are templated and packaged in the form of Helm charts for easy reusability.

How does Iter8 work?

Iter8 consists of a Go-based Kubernetes controller that orchestrates (reconciles) experiments in conjunction with a Python-based analytics service, and a Go-based task runner.

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